Monday, May 21, 2012

Bushwick Sunday

Two Coats of Paint (See link) and Raggedy Ann's Foot had the same idea: a Bushwick Sunday. Raggedy Ann's Foot ventured late, after 5 PM  in time to catch Carol Salmonson and Stephen Truax's shows at STOREFRONT Bushwick (See link) and Kristin Jensen's Norte Maar exhibition (See link). 

Norte Maar hosted a salon from 4 to 6 PM, where vinyl 45s were played by an utterly devoted, high-spirited DJ,whose name I do not know. When was the last time you saw a Ricky Nelson 45, or Paul McCartney's RAM? Amazing. Here, she is seen in action, with Kristin Jensen's installation It's Nobody's Fault. Scroll down for more Jensen.

Carol Salmanson at STOREFRONT.  LED lights overtake day- and gallery light.

Salmanson, from close to- surrealist bas-relief

Salmanson: gouaches related to the LED works.

Truax: lightly penciled grids on stretched w/c paper able to hold the translucence of scraped gouache and watercolor.

Kristin Jensen, It's Nobody's Fault - sumptuous metals inside tiny, porcelain scholars rocks

An overexposed view of a portion of Jensen's tabletop installation

The texture of one of her celadon glazes
Shows missed in these series of posts: Four Paintings at Regina Rex, and in Chelsea, the Alice Neel and Yan Pei-Ming at Zwirner. Never mind everything uptown! But as the rain pours down this morning, and the light is pearly gray, I exult in having experienced an exuberant Bushwick Sunday.

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