Sunday, June 03, 2012

Alice Neel and Yan Pei-Ming at Zwirner until 6/23/12

Look at that avocado!

As if you knew them personally

Strange, rock star image from Neel

Another in which you'd recognize the person on the street from seeing this painting

Alice Neel portrait: looks so real

Detail, whole image below

Detail, whole image below--look at the role of yellow here

The whole portrait

Portrait of her son? In amazing ultramarine blue pants--ultramarine is such a vibrant color, it works like a red.

Figure in a wire cage

Sweet flower painting from Neel

Love this painting: soft spot for a figure in space with dynamic shadows

Yan Pei-Ming after Goya: juicy and potentially relevant, but the exploratory quality of the original is not a factor here

Juicy brushwork from Yan Pei-Ming

Perhaps fallout from the other paintings, my favorite  of Yan Pei-Ming

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Brooklyn Rail Interview with Yan Pei-Ming, in which he discusses painting: