Wednesday, October 31, 2012

References for Final Preparation: The Seven Seas

George Bethea, Miami, FL: acrylics on canvas, 48 x 60.
See more Bethea at

George Bethea. Camille's Blue, acrylics on canvas, 48 x 60 inches. Bethea studied with Walter Darby Bannard; their lineage includes Jules Olitski, whose show at the Kemper last year was featured on this blog in April 2011.
Susan Homer, Brooklyn, NY: DETAIL of painting that is weirdly the same size as Bethea's!
Homer, the whole image. See more Homer at
She exhibited with MetaphorContemporary; her paint is juicy, she works like a novelist.

Space for Worship

God-minotaurs under ecclesiastic light, or so I thought in 1973.
Thought Bubble, 2012, 65 x 54

Led Zeppelin II, designed by David Juniper

White-hot glistening shadowy flows, 2012, 65 x 54

Guy Pealleart, 1970s rock star illustrator (Diamond dogs insert?)

Art & Culture Center of Hollywood, FL, coming up.

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