Wednesday, October 23, 2013

3 Shows: LES

The Language of Painting (Katherine Daniels on left, Carol Salmanson right) at Lesley Heller Workspace, back room, Fran Siegel with large, idiosyncratic paper works in front

Joan Grubin

Vicky DaSilva, Martha Clippinger, Doreen McCarthy

Clippinger's work reminds me of Cordy Ryman a little. Salmanson's exhibition premise is the co-optation of formal painting language (line, color, shape) by new technologies, from material to color.

Gelah Penn

Carol Salmanson

Artist-Curator Carol Salmanson, her work on left, Lynn Harlow's right

Several blocks over on Broome near Bowery at the new Nichelle Beauchene: Kristin Moran, my favorite one. It's smaller, and the work feels just right at this scale: pyrotechnic, like Fragonard.

Her strange, elegant paintings do not look process driven.

This is bravura painting, in which marks act as forms.

Almost like Manet, or Boldini--spaces seen in paintings that remain undefined.

Upstairs at Jack Hanley in a new 2 story loft building, 5 painters, who include Matthew Fischer. His work was also in a summer show at Brian Morris...change from flat surfaces and trompe l'oeil detail, but in some way all that is incorporated into the new mode of textural paint

Ariel Dill. Love the marked up stuff inside the green swoosh.

Ariel Dill's paintings have lots of air and space

Everything about this Heidi Han is wonderful, both fully considered and insouciant.

Han again

Tisch Abelow, two of four--a little like Amanda Church, Stuart Davis...beautiful color.

Heidi Han

Mathew Fischer

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