Thursday, October 03, 2013

September Sunday on the LES - Orchard Street and Environs

Paintings by Chip Hughes at Kerry Schuss, 34 Orchard St.

Color, knit together

in an analague palette

and complementary palette...

Filled to the brim with a chromatic weave

and compositions that combine Steve di Beneditto with Suzan Frecon

Color inside of color

We finish with a monochrome

At the new Monya Rowe at 34 Orchard: Jake Longstreth

and Larissa Bates

and a beautiful, painterly Angela Dufresne

At Lesley Heller, 54 Orchard St., Ron Gorchov

Handmade paper, thick, almost free-standing

Impacting touch

Forcing the issue

Installation of Gorchov. Artist Sarah Sosnowy and friend enter left.

Across the street, Reed Danziger at Valerie McKenzie

An exhibition of works on paper that combine scientific symbols and abstract marks

Holy Toledo! Oscar de Las Flores at a slam-dunk two-person at Mulherin and Pollard.

Not since Hogarth!

Lots going on, mostly in ink, and really well done.

Alongside, an equally elegant exhibition by recent Prix de Rome Fellowship Recipient Carl D'Alvia

Guston to the core--the influence wholly digested

and recalibrated to suit D'Alvia's concerns

Politics, yes, as well as male identity...

Its desires (here, a floor piece)

and entanglements

Tricky Dick by Carl D'Alvia

At the new Horton Gallery in the old Canada space: Minnesota wood carver Aaron Spangler

Jenny Dubnau, thanks for telling me about this show!

Pine woods.

With the most gorgeous free-standing...sculpture? Monument?

Aaron Spangler


The show will lower your heart rate by at least 20 is calming, lovely

Shows still on the list:
Rachel Beach at Blackston
Katherine Bradford at Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects
Ashley Bickerton at Lehmann Maupin
Cary Liebowitz at Invisible Exports
in Bushwick: Storefront Bushwick's grand finale, curated by Todd Levin:
Jim Nutt, Jennifer Wynne Reeves, and Donald Roller Wilson
in W'burg: Amy Hill, the Age of Delightenment at The Front Room, 147 Roebling

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