Thursday, December 12, 2013

Silver City: Kyle Staver, Eileen Quinlan and Ursula Morley Price Kyle(11.23.13)

Kyle Staver at Tibor de Nagy. I got lucky--dashed uptown with minutes to spare, guard not at post for a minute, caught the freight and walked into the gallery at closing time. Luckily they let me stay. For gallery images, check here: Kyle Staver images at Tibor de Nagy

Mashups of color and texture!

Edges! So free and interestingly treated. Detail, Daphne, 2013, 70 x 50.

Staver articulates shadowed form with slivers of reflected light. These function as drawn marks that activate the surface and color in the work. She is such a visual gamester: see hands and teeth gnashing diagonals, color at low heat. The human drama continues in her epic, archetypical forms. I love the circularity of her compositions.

Really bad color on this one in this photo, but check out that horse!

A sense of infinity - the feeling of being alone in a large universe

The horse is an image mover, a shape, a volume...its hoof, a miniature galaxy.

Detail from Groupers, 2013, 70 x 50

Also from Groupers, large to minute.

Circles, flat and spatial. Cold white functions as a color.

The entire painting was too hard to capture, but in this detail the telltale slivers of light in the signature contre jour illuminate the animal smashed in a corner but totally believable.

Out on the street, the light and mood of the paintings continued--moments of visual elegance with life swirling around them.

Continuing silver, Eileen Quinlan's silver gelatin photographs at Miguel Abreu.

Eileen Quinlan at Miguel Abreu

The emulsifier is peeled away or abraded with steel wool.

Surprisingly beautiful and reminiscent of Christopher Wool, in terms of process.

Ursula Morley Price at Valerie McKenzie. These images are yellow, but the true sense of the show is black, and white.  Ursula Morley Price Exhibition

Hand-built vessels with hand-pinched flanges that turn form this way and that.

Evoking figures, specifically Victorian blouses with their shapely silhouettes and fluted collars.

The artist is British and resides in France. Her work is the subject of a retrospective exhibition at the Musee Moderne de Troye in France this year.

Interior handling.

Installation with hand-built shelves. This is a truer color sense of the show: silvery with hints of dark and light.

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