Thursday, December 12, 2013

Surface Treatment (11.22.13)

Dennis Hollingsworth at Sargent's Daughter

Detail of Hollingsworth's exuberant facture.

Gallery Directors Allegra LaViola and Meredith Rosen, in a Blouin Art Info interview, say, "We’re very excited about our first show, which will include Francesca DiMattio, Dennis Hollingsworth, Jonathan Lasker, Daniel Rios Rodriguez, and Sandi Slone. It is an abstract painting show that connects artists in different stages of their careers, but who have the same vocabulary of gesture, and relationship to paint and color. In many ways, it is an exhibition about paint itself: what it can do, how it reacts and reflects and how these artists submit to, master, and employ it"

Daniel Rios Rodriguez - I loved this work. Intimacy of portraiture with ambitious, idiosyncratic facture.

Sandi Slone


Rios Rodriguez

Incised paint lapping up against stars both over and under a pitch black sky. These paintings had their own logic, and were beautifully made.

View from the desk, showing Hollingsworth's paint sculptures in bell jars

At the new LES (33 Orchard St.) Gasser and Grunert--Tiffany Pollock's silk painting in the back room. Jane Kim will show Daniel Domig at this same address (but same gallery space?) opening January 23, 2014. 33 Orchard

In the front room - a detail by Klemens Gasser, artist, and of the gallery. Gasser works with the medium of body paint from horror and/or porn films, giving the works a ravished, bas relief surface, as if clawed or groped.  I photographed more images and thought they had uploaded--see the show here: Klemens Gasser exhibition image link

Sadie Laska debuting at Kerry Schuss. Beach towels, detritus, paint. This is a really strange and wonderful painting.

Plastic street bags become part of the surface. Unfortunately I loaded extra images of the paintings swaddled in Tshirts and stacked on each other (or thought I did?) and they are not here. Check them here: Sadie Laska at Kerry Schuss - link

Amy Casey in her first show with Foley Gallery, "Balancing New Growth."

Construction boom! Paintings on clayboard and paper.

Is it sustainable?

Obsessive technique, great color, how far can they go?!

A series of holes in the ground by Kristin Calibrese at Brennan and Griffen

A detail of LA by Calibrese

Sheila Gallagher at Dodge

Detail of the imbedded surface

Katherine Bernhardt and Youssef Jdia at the Hole

They made the entire space into a visual bazaar

Paintings, labels, and carpets.

Jdia is a rug manufacturer.

Blurry context shot for below detail

Paint and rug cuttings paired with objects and the space itself.

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