Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Untitled / Miami

Adrian Esparza, a threaded wall work, at Cindy Rucker booth at Untitled Art Fair

A small, lovingly painted work by Charles Dunn, also at Rucker

Chicago Imagist Roger Brown at DC Moore. As a graduate student in Chicago, I cherish Brown's symmetrical, yet caustic compositions.

Alexi Worth's sunbather at DC Moore, Untitled

Alexi Worth at DC Moore

Gene Moreno, a stained / cloth work, at Alejandra Von Hartz


Wendy White at Anna Kustera, Untitled

I've never seen small Whites before. They are gorgeous.

The complexity of the larger works is reduced in these smaller works, without losing anything.

Samantha Bittmann at Andrew Rapacz -these acrylic on textile works, roughly 20 x 16 or 15 x 12,  looked really good, fresh, dynamic, and related to work as diverse as Andrew Masullo and Anni Albers.

Victoria Fu at Emerson Dorsch, Untitled.

These wall works struck me, but I cannot remember whose they are!

If anyone knows please let me know.

Such rich color: Joshua Marsh at Jeff Bailey

Joshua Marsh - has long straddled a bright, almost psychedelic palette with elegant still life compositions. Now the color is intensifying and the heat is on!

Jocelyn Hobbie at Fredericks & Freiser

Hobbie again: spatial disjunctions and fetishized surfaces

David Humphrey at Fredericks & Freiser

Detail of the brushwork. A distillation of the image+abstract works from paintings in the gallery's 2012 Miami Project booth, harkening back to Humphrey's interest in kitsch.

Jocelyn Hobbie - a veritable montage with Balthus overtones at Fredericks & Freiser's Untitled booth

This post is second-to-last for Year of the Snake, 2013. The final post will feature works from Art Basel Miami Beach.

On the list that I wanted to but did not document:
Tetes + Terra Incognita at Storefront Ten Eyck
Three Artists/Three Weeks + 15 Artists in Black and White at Outlet
Skin at the Painting Center
Anne Russinof at Blank Space

Since 2010, Raggedy Ann's Foot's bi-weekly posts have focused primarily on documenting exhibitions as a way to review and synthesize the shows I've been looking at and thinking about. Now, I want to see shows in the space and time of their immediate context and inhabit the experience fully without reaching for the iPhone. Not sure what this means yet for the blog, but changes are likely afoot for 2014. Meantime, Happy Holidays!

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