Thursday, May 01, 2014

LES Runabout, Part II: Jackie Saccoccio at 11 Rivington / 195 Chrystie

The first of two parts, a series of portraits, so-called for their large internal scale, central positioning and absence/presence

A favorite

Another favorite--amazing effects with oil and mica

I relate to this re: nightclub paintings, and love it. Very viscous, oozy in the mars violet parts.

Back room at 195 Chrystie

When Saccoccio was in residence at Giverny, she worked out a system of moving through space inspired by rock-like marks--which, in tandem with the pours, creates a world of movement

Large works, probably 8 x 6 or more

Back of front room, 195 Chrystie. Dive in.

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