Monday, May 19, 2014

Notes on a Landscape: Shanghai Museum of Art

Love this big scale and episodic format.

Free and easy brushwork. This feels so germane in Asia--much more so than in New York. It captivates.

Beautiful structure in the landscape.

Black and dilute ink, interwoven together.

So light and delicate--look at both sides of each tree

Almost kitsch in its simplicity. Funny, too.

The Four Gentlemen and more...

Kou le stroke with chrysanthemum leaf application

On these chrysanthemums note the variation in ink: black and dry,  dilute

Orchid--almost wipes out on the blossom but the leaves are so free it is balanced

Plum--great control

The beautiful big rock with 2 birds


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One of the Eight  Eccentrics of Shanghai--these painters are the most interesting

Color to ink

Light to dark


Plum - takes a lot of work to pull this off

Sweet nights cape, sky stained from back

Stylized weirdness and a lovely limpid green tint throughout

At first, passed it up

But then this got me. Reminds me of Morris Graves.

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Joelle Dietrick said...

Beautiful. Email me connections to Shanghai, world traveler. I want to go there.