Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Bob Thompson and Elshemius at Rosenfeld, Flag Art Foundation, Unreasonable Sized Paintings at SVA Chelsea

Bob Thompson at Michael Rosenfeld (October 2015). Link below. Catching up on some wonderful shows; Thompson's work in this show was uneven but the quality was excellent. The above painting shows a real grappling with the subject matter that later on he jettisons in favor of a more abbreviated presentation.

Elshemius at Michael Rosenfeld.
Both these shows reviewed by Roberta Smith in  the NYT 10/25/15 linking the artists' independence, love of the past, a "fixation of nudes in the landscape" and a "clumsiness  that was both a limitation and a strength." This was my first exposure to this painter.

Ryan Sullivan at Flag Art Foundation in Surface Tension.
Another painting at Flag I can't stop thinking about. You can see the painting in situ in the link above, but it is not credited. I love the surface, the imbedding of color, the sense of white with color beneath. 
Joanna Pousette-Dart in Intimacy in the stellar exhibition
Discourse: Unreasonable Sized Paintings, curated by Phong Bui at SVA Chelsea

Love this work. Read her interview with Phong Bui (2008) here:

Lisa Yuskavage

So good to see these small studies again,

and to gain a longer view of her work through time

Katherine Bradford

A Bradford that stopped me in my tracks: painter mind at work
film about Bradford's shelf paintings by Carol Saft can be seen here:

Neo Rauch

Louise Fishman 

Loren Munk

Ellen Phelan

Can't remember artist but truly wonderful paintings

early Margrit Lewczuk

Chris Martin

Don Voisine

Joanne Greenbaum

Inspired pairing

Merill Wagner - the color in the stacked work so spatial

Michael Berryhill

Lois Dodd

More inspired pairing

Matvey Levenstein

Tal R

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