Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bushwick and Canada: Jeff Schwarz, Elisabeth Kley

At Outlet in Brooklyn, Jeff Schwarz. Outlet Link

A New Yorker, Schwarz is inspired by graffiti, fashion design and shifting space

The works are wheel-thrown

And heavily glazed (this a detail from below)

In this duo, matt and glossy glazes intertwine

They are like paintings, though Thomas Michelli would disagree Hyperallergic review- glazed on tile

In the round, where

...surfaces can be matte, even peeling - 

View of front room works at eye level

Elisabeth Kley at Canada in Ozymandius.
Canada New York Link

These are hand-coiled and built, glazed with homemade mixtures

Inscribed with ancient Turkish and Chinese-inspired patterns

Wall works accompany the objects

Which face us like the Terra Cotta Warriors at X'ian

One example of a glossy layer

They look hand-inked, as if a ballpoint pen had bled...

Here with a wall mural Kley painted

William Corwin wrote movingly and thoroughly about this work in his Brooklyn Rail review. Read it here: Artseen/Elisabeth-Kley-Ozymandias

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