Tuesday, February 28, 2017

MoMA, Picabia; Whitney, Fast Forward: the 1980s

Picabia's lyrical and light ink work at MoMA.
MoMA Link

Early paintings, with interior illumination, geometry and collaged space.

These works are early, between 1904-1914
We jump to post war overlays, that fluctuate and reverberate in ways that are easy for us now but then? Radical.

Drawn to his work on paper especially,  a lightness and layering he calls "transparencies"

Such awkwardness in these works, yet

also a wonderful thickness, a surface presence

Picabia's last painting.

A lovely Basquiat blocked by a group practicing dance moves... 
Faith Ringgold

The Whitney's 80s show, Fast Forward. A gem on the sixth floor.
Whitney Link

Julia Wachtel

So great to see Kathe Burkhardt, who'd lived next door to me in LA on Wall St. 
Ross Bleckner memorial painting: Count No Count, 1989
Varnish 80s style 
For me the seminal 80s painting by Terry Winters: undergraduate school aspiration...

Martin Wong's painting looks great here
Haring, Basquiat
George Condo 
Condo, detail
Kenny Scharf on Haring wall painting

Early Wool, so tactile 
Wool, Detail
Terry Winters, Good Government - farewell, 1980s!

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