Monday, April 02, 2018

Day at the Met: Thomas Cole & Colleagues, American Wing, Lehman Wing, Golden Kingdoms

David Lucas, Mezzotint after Constable - Hadleigh Castle, 1830-49 (two versions)

En plein air with pig bladder paint tubes!

Asher Durand, Progress (The Advance of Civilization), 1853

Elizabeth Doubt, the Singing School, 1740
Mary Wright, Spring, 1794

Period Room, American Wing

Design for Plate with Cyclamen, Amadee de Caranza, 1875-85. "The vogue for planting flower beds near doorsteps narrowed the distance between garden and house, and flowers readily found their way into the home not only to be arranged in bouquets or pictured in still lifes but also adapted as decoration for all manner of domestic goods as well as walls and ceilings. At the same time, the role gardens claimed as an extension of the household prompted designers to extend their creativity out of doors. They found common ground in the allure of exotic exports." 
Delacroix study - Lehman Wing Spring Gardens exhibition

Golden Kingdoms - let the Maya begin!
Stela, stone, Chavri, 120 - 500 BC. "This stone monument from Pacopampa in Peru's northern highlands features a figure carved in low relief with incised details. Its head has rectangular eyes and fluids appear to flow downward from the mouth; the diamond-shaped form on its chest may represent a Strombus shell. Upraised arms and diagonal extension from the waist give the figure a spiderlike quality. Jaws in the lower abdomen may represent female genitalia."