Thursday, June 27, 2019

Inspiration File

Nick Nolte in his brilliant performance of Lionel Dobie in Scorsese's Life Lessons, 1989: transfixed by paint despite his power grab for the glory days of youth. 

27th St.

I often cull images that amaze me from FB. I believe this image is taken on the travels of Canadian curator Yan Zhou.
Private garden, Rockford, Illinois 
Charles Burchfield
Anthony Reed of Reed Photographic, Shanghai 
Photo by artist Archer Kelly.
Charles Burchfield.

Chen Jialing, Shanghai painter. Publication states, "painting girls will like."
Crescent Lake, Gansu Province, China, PROC. It's been a decade since I've seen it.
The 1970s: Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury.

Plum blossom and fence by curator, translator and writer Yan Zhou.
Ryan Pfluger for the NYT 
Dr. Doolittle, 1967
Chen Jialing
Chen Jialing
Tree peony, from excellent book on embroidery, sent by artist Brece Honeycutt.

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