Saturday, October 29, 2011


Cover: Duffy and Celia Philo/Duffy Design Concepts


Stones 1972 Tour

Santa Monica Pier


Orange web fencing

Rockwell Kent

Rockwell Kent

Shen Zhou - scroll at the Met last fall was like a film!

Alan Bates, Jill Clayburgh and Paul Jenkins painting: Unmarried Woman

Brian Ward, photography; Terry Pastor of Main Artery, Design

Wang Meng

Jules Olitski

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Permutations of the Mark

Jamison Brosseau, from Go Figure, curated by Eddie Martinez, at  Dodge Gallery (linked above)

Jackie Saccoccio and Andrew Gbur at 11 Rivington


Eva Lundsager at Greenberg Van Doren, uptown

Let me know who this is: from Go Figure, curated by Eddie Martinez

Allison Schulnik, from Go Figure, Dodge Gallery

Joel Dugan, from Centotto, Bushwick

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Permutations of the Body

Lisa Yuskavage - thesis painting for the current show at Zwirner

To the right of the small painting, a lone figure contre jour, though the time is sunset

Detail, left of mound - light brushwork, as if watercolor

Triptych: theme of doubling arises

Triptych: right two panels. Transfer of early shrink imagery into a community of observers.

Doubling again, using pyrotechnic flowers to shift from pictorial to symbolic space, then back.

On 20th St., Nick Cave at Jack Shainman with another kind of body permutation...

These join bodies together and also separate them from other bodies.
They are garments that contain the language of desire (fashion) and differentiation.

Permutations of the Body, Part II

Irvin Morazan, detail of shrine figure at Asya Geisberg

Morazan: another view (read more about the show at link above)

Irvin Morazan from the exhibition Salvajes at Asya Geisberg

Karen Heagle at I-20


Heagle, after Chardin. At once blunt, and affable. Heagle's use of red is a standout.

Nicola Tyson at Petzel

Nicola Tyson at Petzel
Broad, loaded brush strokes--brilliant emerald greens that don't translate on camera. Love the rooster figure on right.

Molly Zuckerman-Hartung at Anna Kustera. Another kind of body, if you will--the corpse of stain painting?


Zuckerman-Hartung at Anna Kustera