Monday, May 29, 2017

Pictures No Words

Alex Katz, Tampa Museum of Art, a wonderful black and white show

Patricia Treib at Bureau. Gallery Link

Essex Taqueria. Restaurant Link.

Cooper-Hewitt Museum

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Florine Stettheimer Detail, Jewish Museum

Cooper-Hewitt Museum

Caroline Marks Blackwood at Nailya Alexander Gallery

Abstract Wall Paintings at Transmitter. This show is fabulous.  Gallery Link
L: Jim Osman, R: Mark Sengbusch

Rico Gatson on right and two images above. Everything in this show is great.

Paula Wilson at Emerson-Dorsch Gallery, Miami

Paul Klee at MoMA

Jane Hart at Design Sublime, Miami

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

State of Current Inspiration: Textiles from my Mother's House

Wallpapers photographed on a 2015 visit to my mother's house near Los Angeles. Bath. Though I did not grow up in this home, its fierce dedication to pattern reflects the aesthetics of my formative years.
Guest bedroom
Dining room
Dining room with folding screen lined in fabric on one side
Fabrics: "bonus room" chair


Living room - Grosvenor Tree of Life pattern, now out of print
Hand-painted furnishings

Early commission
Another early commission in the dining room: details of fabric on the other side of the screen.
Entropy in the Bonus Room! beneath a grad school painting
Dining room and early still life. There was a time I could not escape the girly womb aesthetic fast enough, but it fascinates me now. In tandem with early Disney films, TV shows like Gilligan's Island, album covers and Chinese idioms such as the Four Gentlemen (Link to definition), it articulates what my friend David Dow calls a flatscape, enlivened in various ways by Keith Haring KH Image, Alex Katz, AK Image Trenton Doyle Hancock TDH Image and Firelei Baez Baez image as initial examples. I know there are so many more. New York attracted me, in part because of its artificial landscape, a flatscape to expand into realms of imagination.