Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Marciano Foundation Los Angeles

Jim Shaw's The Wig Museum, described as "Jim Shaw: The Wig Museum highlights Shaw’s over thirty-year engagement with America’s social, political, and spiritual histories through the nation’s vernacular and fringe cultures. The Wig Museum is Jim Shaw’s first, long overdue, comprehensive solo exhibition in Los Angeles, home to the artist since the 1970s. The exhibition cuts across his entire body of work comprised of painting, sculpture, drawing, and installation."

Caspar! Many symbols of childhood in a magical stage set installation...
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Second floor: Mary Weatherford

A beautiful wall painting installation on the mezzanine--I forget the artist's name--but the images were side by side, skewing perspectives as one walked past.

A view from the Mezzanine with Cindy Sherman below.

The Masonic Room - relics from the building's past use.

A meticulous renovation of a long-mysterious building on Wilshire--well remembered from childhood.

More from the Mezzanine wall installation.

Christopher Wool

Albert Oehlen

Mike Kelley - started time traveling here

Sterling Ruby - they have a lot of SR.

A beatuy, forget who but someone seminal and historical.

This too - fabric on canvas.

Takashi Murakami milkmaid! I have not seen anything like this since the early Andrea Rosen show in the 1990s.


Glenn Ligon
Ligon, detail

Tapestry by Goshka Macuga (1967) made in 2013

El Anatsui

A row of really wonderful Grotjahn paintings from the  major  Anton Kern show some years back.

Jonas Wood

Wood - detail

Wood again
early Grotjahn

Glenn Ligon
Cyprien Gaillard, 2013, Santa Monica Sewer covers