Monday, March 26, 2018

OVER AND UNDER LES: Reed Anderson, Brennan and Griffin, Doron Langberg, Jennifer Coates, Steve di Beneditto, Teri Hackett

Reed Anderson at Pierogi. Gallery Link

The press release speaks of flags, sports logos and Peter Halley's studio, but the notion of over and under prevails. 

The hanging banners more a way to view space through layers, much like the paintings themselves.

At Brennan and Griffin, LA painter Pamela Jorden, new to me : Artist website

A beautiful Steve di Beneditto from 2015.

Bill Saylor from 2016. 
Tracy Thomason, updating Auerbach's use of white as a color within saturated fields, not to mention wonderful textures, touch.
And a fine Louise Fishman work on paper from 1973, beautiful!
Gallery Link
Doron Langberg at 1969 Gallery. This painting is a knockout. Gallery Link
A few of the moves.

Lovely portrait for a larger painting. Such a pleasurable fusion of techniques!

The sweater.
The hair!

A favorite from Jennifer Coates' exhibition at Freight & Volume. Gallery Link

A beautiful big painting holding multiple perspectives. The branch forms hark back to late Paul Klee, petroglyphs and oracle bone scripts in a way that feels just right.

Earlier in the evolution, I suspect. The markings really beautiful. 
In the back a suite of pencil drawings, long a strength and foundation  in Coates' work.
The landscapes fuse the earlier foodstuffs and sparkles from early 'aughts  with new maturity.

Steve di Beneditto. Gallery Link

He too, returning to an archaic sensibility. It's in the air. This painting is one of the most beautiful paintings I've ever seen.

And others...

The color, flayed surfaces and worked, yet also spontaneous construction is rewarding.

Teri Hackett. Gallery Link

Spatial over and under, earth mixed with pigment, sanded and built surfaces, ...
Cracks, textures, additions (these are small paintings in the back)

And pustules, alternate worlds, icons and fetishes built and protruding from the paintings  in literal form.  The palette is cold, electronic; stained colors in a field of titanium buff like a bleached out desert from LA.