Monday, May 02, 2011

From the Kansas City Airport

Waiting for a plane: mechanical difficulties. The weather is perfect in Kansas City; the soil rich; the space stretched green in all directions. I am here unexpectedly, closing the affairs of my beloved aunt, who died unexpectedly last week.

Because of the unexpected circumstances I missed this closing:
This was a group show on contemporary abstraction, curated by Chris Chatterson and Vince Contrarino, at the Bronx River Art Center. A catalogue is available on blurb, and I look forward to its insights on abstraction.

Could be a prelude, or an alternative approach to materials from this: 
A Painting Show
A show I would have curated if someone else didn't!

Two more shows I can't wait to see:
Margrit Lewczuk

Gina Ruggeri

Linked above, Chris Chatterson's posts from my show and New Monuments, both at Lesley Heller, on KCLOG, a blog I relish for its visual connections and pathways through abstraction.

Meanwhile, my eyes find solace in the endless green of fields.

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Ann Knickerbocker said...

I have just found you, courtesy of another painter's blog, and loved your work posted at Leslie Heller... and then here you are! I am so glad to find that you went to Elizabeth Murray and Joan Mitchell for calm as you put up your show... perfect choices. Funny about the name of your blog... I get confused with Raggedy Ann sales on the web all the time... Thanks for the (new to me) blog!