Friday, July 15, 2011

Studio Visits in Long Island City

S.E. Nash

S.E. Nash

S.E. Nash's studio

Several weeks ago I visited Long Island City to visit S. E. Nash. Check her website, linked above, for even better images of her worlds within worlds, constructed from sintra, which resembles paper, but is more solid.  (I've just rechecked the link and to my horror, found it did not work. In case it continues not to, the site is

I also visited Thomas Martin, whose quirky marker drawings you can see at He works small, repeating shapes, and moving back into them with collage-like elements (lines or planes). Thomas has worked with D. Rockburne, and you can see this influence combined with his curiosity about structure.
Thomas Martin, a work from 2009

His collages led me to think about Lisa Hamilton's geometric and folded works on paper from 2010, which you can see here: Since I've last seen her work she has taken this concept and run with it in longer, serial formats.
Lisa Hamilton, from 2010

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Rockrose said...

Great spotlight on some of Long Island City's hottest talent. Thomas Martin's pieces are fabulous. We're going to have to check out S.E. Nash's site to see some of the new work.