Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bridge Red Studios, Miami + TSA, New York

Karen Rifas at N. Miami's Bridge Red Studios, an artist-run studios and exhibition space

More Rifas, who does so much with so little.
Check out Bridge Red Studios (close to MoCA) here:

Mysterious monoliths by Bob Thiele, who shows with Howard Scott, NY + Dorsch, Miami.

Thiele's studio - passing through the high-ceilinged rooms with these dense and impenetrable works s is like treasure hunting in an art cave, in the best way. Evidence of practice over time.

NY studio with a Miami source of light in Thiele's studio

Close view of a tondo by Thiele - the surface shimmers like silk, even glitter

Brooklyn's new TSA Gallery: 9 x 12 graphite drawings by Blaze Lamper

Lamper's Release Into Summer, 2012, graphite on paper, 9 x 12 inches

Gorgeous landscape composed of corsets by Todd Knopke

Another piece by Todd Knopke

Andy Ness' Juggler at TSA's Finders Keepers, curated by An Hoang for Frederieke Taylor Gallery

If this show is any indication, TigerStrikesAsteroid is a wonderful addition to Bushwick!
See link here:

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