Sunday, June 09, 2019

Lift and Push (April-May exhibitions)

Gallery Link for Yevgeniya Baras' recent exhibition Seam,  Scar, Sign.
Textures and colors from the landscape accrue, buttressed by letterforms from alphabets.
Despite the bas-relief surfaces and textures that speak to urban surfaces, I see a lot of Juan Gris, particularly here.

Each painting becomes a form of time-travel.
World-building, one mark at a time.
Peter Krashes in Contact! at Theodore Art. Gallery Link 
Working in gouache, lifting the brush with each distinct stroke, Krashes reveals how neighborhood real estate development impact smultiple communities.
As painter and activist, his activities inform each other.

His free-handed, marker-like application is confident.
At Slag, the Practice of Everyday Life, curated by Etty Yaniv and Tirtzah Bassel. Here, Nina Belluci, Boston painter. Gallery Link

Belluci's stick-'em reminders.

Leeza Meksin.

Sangram Majumdar's tape and paint work, a particularly good one.
Todd Bienvenu.
The show brings together "eleven painters whose work is rooted in close observation of their daily surroundings," and everything was great to see.

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