Friday, January 28, 2022

Acid Garden at Charles Moffett

Mary Frank in Acid Garden, curated by artists Judy Mannarino and Peter Hristoff at Charles Moffett through 2/19/22.

Unexpected choices and pairings make this show a surprise, and delight. Here, Leigh Behnke, which in the gallery hangs left to the Frank.

Michelle Weinberg's studio landscape of carbon rubbings.

A duo of paintings by Claire McConaughy, showing new love for slinging the paint.

Claire McConaughy

Bill Komiski's optical illusion

Judith Linhares playing the spectrum with a circus pony

Valerie Hegarty

There are many more gems in this show, including by the curators  - don't miss it, on the West Side of Manhattan (511 Canal is near Greenwich St.)


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