Saturday, December 28, 2013

Art Basel Miami

Birgit Jurgenssen, Under Capricorn, 1983, pencil and watercolor drawings, @ 14 x 22 inches

Marilyn Minter at Salon 94

Minter details

The booth, which was simply gorgeous

Shown with porcelain works by Takuro Kuwata.

Gorgeous unknown painting

Alina Szapocznikow at Andrea Rosen

Szapocznikow - memory of Brancusi's Woman With Her Throat Cut


Szapocznikow again - loved this work

under glass

William Daniels, Totem, 8.5 x 11.5 inches (2009)

Yan Pei Ming, in a special project room by John Armleder

Mamma Anderssen at Zwirner

Joint in a three-part triptych

insouciant paint handling

Neo Rausch, also at Zwirner

Francis Alys 

J'ai un schema du coeur, 2013, @ 66 x 74 inches, by Armin Boehm at Meyer Riegger

Sam Gilliam, Red Stanza, 1969, 54 x 118 inches, at David Kordansky

This work looks so good right now.

Nicole Eisenman

My favorites at the fair. At Koenig & Clinton

An Alex Katz seagull, glimpsed through moving people

Nigel Cooke, Translators, 2013, 34 x 47 inches more or less, oil on linen

Part of Cooke's magic?

Consolidation of my preoccupation with outdoor and interior spaces

Marcel Eichner at Contemporary Fine Art - untitled, 2013 - reminded me of Rick Prol's work

Zhu Yu, Stain, at Pace

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