Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Miami Snippets and Farewell to Year of the Snake!

Marc Desgrandchamps at Galerie Zürcher, ABMB

Marc Desgrandchamps also notes that hidden images sometimes appear involuntarily : « Fluidity is a state of instability, of no-control that occasions a sort of lack of control of the shapes. Transparency, with the superimpositions it produces, also reinforces this state and determines these visual disturbances, which exist in the same sense as memory or speech disturbances. »1 (from Galerie Zürcher website, Link)

Carol Prusa's acrylic and silverpoint dome at Zadok, Art Miami. The acrylic domes are programmed with LED lights that cycle through stages of illumination and accompany meticulous silverpoint drawing over pours that have been whitened as a base. Her show of dimensional works made at Kohler opens at Zadoc on January 12th.

Robert Kushner at DC Moore. I am increasingly excited by his work. On DC Moore's website, he says,“I never get tired of pursuing new ideas in the realm of ornamentation. Decoration, an abjectly pejorative dismissal for many, is a very big, somewhat defiant declaration for me. … The eye can wander, the mind think unencumbered through visual realms that are expansively and emotionally rich. Decoration has always had its own agenda, the sincere and unabashed offering of pleasure and solace.”

Jiha Moon - an installation of new ceramic works and works on paper at Ryan Lee Gallery

I loved the small space, altar-like presentation and dimensional images one finds in Moon's work

Ryan Lee is a new gallery on 26th Street and this is their booth at Miami Project

Link to Ryan Lee Gallery

Siebren Versteeg at Emerson Dorsch, Wynwood

Viersteeg begins each new print with a portion of one that came before, replete with dripped sides, reinforcing and denying its painterliness simultaneously.

Detail of Viersteeg's painterly programming

Also exhibiting--Dave Hardy, whose sumptious, tactile works were shown at Regina Rex earlier this fall, where Viersteeg is co-director. The two artists have frequently collaborated, for example their project, Spirit Tours, most recently located at Recess, NY in 2010 (Link), which was featured on this blog in May 2010.

HAPPY 2014!

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