Saturday, November 04, 2017

More New York November: Marcia Marcus, Matt Bollinger.

Marcia Marcus at Eric Firestone Gallery, 4 Great Jones St.

Matt Bollinger at Zurcher Gallery on Bleeker St. 

NY November Studio Visits: JoAnne Carson, Willie Kohler, Ross Lewis. Galleries: Tom Uttech, Louise Bourgeois, Max Ernst, Joyce Kozloff, Elizabeth Murray!

Studio visit with the superb JoAnne Carson in her Williamsburg studio. Black and White Gallery Link

Split-screen landscape - a theme dear to my heart.

Her work and influences dear to me: Mary Blair and Chinese painting.

William Eckhart Kohler studio visit, LIC. Another view of landscape, suggesting a lineage of Picasso, Hartley and Guston. Artist Website Link 

Personal favorite...journey through land and water.

Ross Lewis studio visit. Met Ross when he exhibited with Qiu Desshu at Front Line Gallery, Shanghai. He is an expert ink painter and we share a profound love for scroll painting. Today Museum exhibition Link

Created while under the tutelage of CC Wang. 

Tom Uttech at Alexandre. Mind-blowing landscapes, complex, sunlit and dappled, the birds industrious witnesses to changes of light and time. Gallery Link

Louise Bourgeois at MoMA. This work just looks better and better with time.
The prints excited me no end, so ambitious and elegant.  MoMA Link

Fabulous Max Ernst show about how travel liberated his imagery and palette.

At PPOW, Robin F. Williams.

The surface of the canvas is splattered black and textures built from that.

Joyce Kozloff's show-stopper of an exhibition at DC Moore. 

Josephine Halvorsen at Sikkema Jenkins.
Works on paper and paintings - small scale playing with a raised  and lavish surface and plain-speak forms.

Elizabeth Murray at Pace. Beautiful historic show of paintings that feel just right now.
Mira Schor writes beautifully about this work. See her essay on the blog, A Year of Positive Thinking, linked here: Mira Schor on Elizabeth Murray at A Year of Positive Thinking