Friday, January 31, 2014

Year of the Wooden Horse, 2014 - New Years Day

Happy Chinese New Year!!! The Year of the Wooden Horse, from what my friends tell me, will move quickly and well, if one is decisive. What a perfect year to spend six months in Shanghai!

My hard drive crashed last week, eliminating images from exhibitions on the LES by Susanna Coffey (Harvey), Daniel Domig (33 Orchard), Todd Chilton (Feature), in Chelsea: Josephine Halvorsen (Sikkema Jenkins), Melissa Meyer (Lennon Weinberg), Larry Poons (Ameringer Yohe), Martha Clippinger (Elizabeth Harris), Angelina Gualdoni (Asya Geisberg), Ingrid Calame (James Cohan--with a wonderful artist talk with Fred Wilson, moderated by Isolde Brielmaier), plus group exhibitions Eight Painters, curated by Paul Behnke, including his work, Julie Torres, and Brook Moyse at Kathryn Markel and Clouds, curated by Adam Simon (who has a solo show opening at Studio 10 next week) at Lesley Heller. I'd love to see Franklin Einspruch's exhibition, The Fire To Say: Comics as Poetry at Winkleman's Curatorial Lab, which synthesizes his interests in Asian painting, poetry and narrative with those of his peers, attend Mernet Larsen's book signing today at Vogt, and next week the openings for Deborah Brown at Lesley Heller and the group show Azzetagh at Outlet, Bushwick.

But for now it's to the studio, Chinese drills and Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy New Year!! 恭禧发财!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Two visions, a preview

Two approaches to form, surface and facture are found in current exhibitions by painters Susanna Coffey and Melissa Meyer. Coffey is exhibiting on the Lower East Side at Steven Harvey Fine Art and Meyer in Chelsea at Lennon, Weinberg. I have followed these artists for a long time; their work reveals many dedicated years of painting. Click the links below to see how each separates and merges form and space, or both simultaneously.

Susanna Coffey at Steven Harvey Fine Art
Coffey catalog pdf

Melissa Meyer at Lennon Weinberg
Melissa Meyer Flipbook