Sunday, September 29, 2013

Barbara Takenaga at DC Moore

Last night at DC Moore, Barbara Takenaga and writers Jim Shepard ( and Karen Shepard ( addressed themes of alienation and apocalypse to discuss the work on view. Jim's interest in catastrophes was well summarized in a cogent, biting short story about a tsunami. Karen's new novels the Celestials, about young Chinese living in N. Adams, MA addressed the alienation aspect.
Post-talk. Many wonderful artists, including Mary Jones, Barbara Friedman, Holly Miller, Linda Gottesfeld, Susanna Coffey, Jenny Dubnau, Cynthia Lin, Jenny Lynn McNutt, Jeremy Stenger, Doreen McCarthy, Jane South, and more, attended.

Two mysterious paintings.

The layer of activity at the seam of the canvases intensifies, as if the marks could slip into a black hole but don't.

Detail of the acrylic layers

Takenaga spoke of an unknown presence 'behind' the paint applications.
Her tribute to Hiroshige's 100 Views of Edo, Kinryƻzan Temple, Asakusa (Asakusa Kinryƻzan)

A version of the actual Hiroshige (searches produce more than one)

Shifting horizon lines

Saturday, September 28, 2013

More Primary Palette: Ati Maier at Pierogi

Small compositions at Ati Maier's Pierogi exhibition,

which accompany larger works on paper and an animation.

A cosmology of marks and patterns.

Lovely painting on left plots the course for Maier's concurrent Boiler installation, which writer Edward Madrid Gomez told me about.
Pathways through space that combine Maier's interest in dressage with outer space travel, he said.

Primary and Secondary Palettes in Chelsea 9/27/13

Charlene Von Heyl at Petzel in their new 18th St. space

As many have noted, a very strong show. This painting's lumininous lavender areas, covered by patterns, become interior space that is denser than its surroundings.

Shockingly simple spaces comprised of black lines on yellow surface

Dense, rich, simple, simultaneously

Jonas Wood at Anton Kern, this painting 80 x 90 or so

Looks posterized and painterly

Patterns, patterns

Back room

Delicate and painterly

Paul Feeley at Garth Greenan (the old Gary Snyder space, same roster, venue)

Reviewed by John Yau in Hyperallergic, for one

Bright, luminous, Matisse-like surfaces

and doppelgangers

at Paula Cooper's 7-month temporary popup space on 10th, Alan Shields

Shields was an outdoorsman, who loved to sew and fabricate

He showed with Paula Cooper for 20 years

and was known for working from myriad cultures

and for stained, delicate surfaces


Alan Shields

Tatiana Berg at Hansel & Gretel Picture Garden

From one side

From the other

Steve Roden at CRG (reviewed by Roberta Smith this day)

Detail--a compelling mix of pencil, charcoal and blueprint

More sculpture


That coordinate with drawings and the artist's musical compositions--he is a sound artist

Irish artist Diana Copperwhite at Thomas Jaekel

Painter Kylie Heidenheimer told me about this show

She does strange things with primary color--bleaching it, straining the triadic harmonies. Her small scale works feel perfectly pitched.

Robin Lowe at Lennon, Weinberg

Rhythmic patterns, desaturated color

combines with richer notes from the 1990s figure work

Implausible landscapes one wishes to travel

The last days of summer.