Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Towards Immersive Environments

My artistic aspiration is to create all-encompassing environments including paintings, self-designed fabrics, and free-standing elements together, inspired by Monet’s History of the Water Lilies cycle at L’Orangerie, Whistler’s Peacock Room in Washington, DC, and The Garden of the Master of the Nets in Suzhou. 

Elisabeth Condon, Notes on a Landscape (detail), at Emerson Dorsch's booth, 2015 New York Pulse fair. This portion of the double booth featured artist-designed wallpaper on which paintings made on the Swatch Art Peace Hotel residency were placed. The poured color resonates with Shanghai's Huangpu River, while the tracings document urban life. Awarded the 2015 New York Pulse Prize. 

Elisabeth Condon, Pavilion of Spring and Summer (detail), 2017, Glyndor Gallery, in Flora Fantastica! curated by Jennifer McGregor. Paintings and ink drawings made on residency during the Winter Workspace residency recorded plants stored in the Sun Room beyond the window of this very same space. A pattern from the drawing is magnified and made into the wallpaper pattern. Photograph Stefan Hagen.

Elisabeth Condon,  Eye in the Canopy, Casa Cor Design Fair (curated by Ground Control Miami) and Effulgence, Emerson Dorsch Gallery, both 2019. Paintings and dimensional orchid leaf idiom by Condon under ceiling by Karen Rifas; Below, dimensional lattice, bird and plant forms extend painting space outward. Photo Letter 16 Press.