Saturday, July 31, 2021

Albert Pinkham Ryder at New Bedford Whaling Museum

Early Ryder, low, beautiful color, worked physical surface.

Translucent lake swipes in one of two approaches to landscape: moving paint back and forth until just the essentials stick, but allowing light through.

Or continuing to paint until translucence is created within layers of surface embedded underneath the surface.

A small, late painting

Dead bird, along the lines of Morris Graves


Along with Ryder a tribute show of painters, including Ronald Bladen

Bill Jensen

Richard Pousette-Dart, not seen here, also Peter Shear and Alex Katz (print, right)
So grateful to have seen this.


Summer Color

Estefania Velez at Praxis in Chelsea:
ranging spectral to earth  around pure spray paint flourescents

Slight shifts in register change time, mood.

Joshua Abelow in Leaky Abstractions at Magenta Plain:
toning with color then painting on top 



Red leaks out the side, held secret behind the painting surface