Saturday, July 14, 2018

What's Doing at the MTA

Stephan Westfall, 30th Avenue N/W (Ditmars) Line
Perasma I & II; Dappleganger, 2018
Laminated glass 
Ditmars Line, 30th St. station, Looking East
It's great to see the MTA roll out new, laminated glass windows in the boroughs--these are 'curtain windows'--by many good artists.
Outside the station - East side. Link to MTA page here: MTA Link

Here's the Gothamist backstory: The Gothamist LInk

At 36th, Maureen McQuillan's luminescent windows.
Entering West side of 36th St. Station.
Close view of the curtain windows, created by McQuillan with Depp Glass (ditto Westfall). The installation is titled,  Crystal Blue Persuasion. Link to McQuillans' MTA page here: MTA Link

 These projects help make NY great. It's inspiring to see art embedded in the urban infrastructure.
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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Precision, Incision - Summer Wheat at Andrew Edlin and Mayan sculpture at LACMA

Gamekeepers, exhibition by Summer Wheat at Andrew Edlin  Gallery Link

From press release: "Summer Wheat's recent works arise from the progression of a years-long effort to harness the form of paint as a three-dimensional object. Utilizing a radically original technique of pushing acrylic paint through wire mesh, she creates rich, fiber-like surfaces, which evoke historic forms of wall coverings such as woven tapestries or latch hook rugs...suggesting a flattening of the hierarchies between fine art and domestic arts and crafts, and evoke a feminist sensibility by embracing the intuition of felt experience." 

I love the way the process yields a flattening of form yet a raised surface.
"In addition to her signature paintings, Wheat has created a series of tulipiere sculptures under the guidance of a 9th generation Sicilian ceramic artist using clay dug from the region."
These had stories and imagery that remind me of the Dunhuang Caves, or Greek pottery. It was a beautiful, elegant show.
From LACMA's City and Cosmos: The Arts of Teotihuacan, through September 3, 2018. Exhibition Link
An earth-bound version of the Met's recent Golden Kingdoms show.

Feline Sculpture, Sun Pyramid, 300-400. Adesite and pigments. In ancient MesoAmerica, predatory felines such as jaguars were aligned with fire and sun, according to the didactic panel.

Mosaic Jaguar from Xalia residential compound, 400

And this! Incense burner, from 250-300.

Compression and flow...

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Hockney at LACMA, Broad Collection

David Hockney's small portrait of Celia Birtwell, protagonist of his 1971 masterpiece with then-husband Ossie Clark, mounted on a terra cotta painted wall at LACMA.  Link  

For painting of the hand, not till later did I notice the reference.

At the Broad, Murakami's ink jet mural from 2014,  In the Land of the Dead, Stepping  on the Tail of a Rainbow.

Though traditional scrolls emphasize emptiness, Murakami packs a full composition a la Wang Meng.
Murakami from afar, for scale.
Detail, Strips of Earth's Skin, El Anatsui, 2008
The larger view
Jeff Koon's Jim Beam - JB Turner Train, 1986, stainless steel and bourbon and Blue  Balloon Dog, 1994-2000, in background. 
Roy Lichenstein's Reflections on "Interior with Girl Drawing," 1990, a beautiful painting.
Something I enjoy about private collections is the portrait that emerges of the collector, in this case concerns with flat, perfect surfaces, mediation and technological processes. The collection is mostly male.
The juiciest painting on display outside of some Terry Winters works on paper: Boss by Ed Ruscha, 1960.
Looking light and watercolor-inspired, Sam Francis' Big Orange, 1954-55,  oil, 118 x  76 inches. 
Summer #1 from 1957 by Sam Francis.
Grey, Sam Francis - 119 x 76.
Blue and Yellow, 1954-55, 76 x 51 inches. The Broad's website as collection archive, is easy to reference.
Early, classic Christopher Wool.

At last a woman: Kara Walker's laser painted cut steel installation Burning African Village Play Set With Big House and Lynching, 2006, and African't, 1996, cut paper on wall given their own room - much appreciated.
Basquiat, Untitled, 1981, 81 x 69.25, acrylic, oilstick, canvas.

Basquiat, Obnoxious Liberals, 1982, 68 x 102 inches.