Friday, July 27, 2018

Painting Now and Forever, Part III. Plus, Seed.

At Matthew Marks' 3-gallery dedication to the state of painting one confronts a haloed, textural cat painting. Linda Stark, 2005. Check this link for installation shots: Gallery Link
So great to see Sylvia Sleigh's nudes of art critics and friends, welcome and surprising harbingers from another time.
Suellen Rocca's strange, figurative landscape hybrids are new to me despite her membership in Chicago's Hairy Who.
They are wonderful!
Sylvia Sleigh
Both look perfect at this moment in time right now. 
New-to-me painter Noah Davis, who is deceased at 32! He studied at Cooper Union, and lived in Ojai, CA.

Goofy island narrative painting by Bhupen Khakhar from 1984 (detail)

Lois Dodd from 1972--she is so good--the website has a far better image of this.
Karl Wirsum - great to see the Imagist work.
It looks so fresh.
Offset with a painterly surface by Leidy Churchman, whose title is larger than the work itself.
and more amusing, if not malevolent, narrative by Jill Malleady (2018).

Leidy Churchman's The Teachers, 2018. I enjoy seeing someone working each painting uniquely--resonates.
Beautiful green painting by Xinyi Cheng, 2016.
Luchita Hurchado, 1970. 

A painting from one of my favorite Lois Dodd exhibitions ever--

Weird, handsome painting by Avery K. Singer.
Janeva Ellis from 2018. 
In the reals, these were very handsome small abstractions by Matsumi Kanemitsu.

Rachel Harrison at Greene Naftli's portion of the show. Gallery Link
A simply wonderful, new Nicole Eisenman at the Greene Naftali portion of the survey.
And another.

 A ginormous portrait from Jana Euler, 2017

Subtle surfaces like Vija Celmin's get lost in translation...
As do these Allan d'Arcangelo 1970 beauties. 
Abstraction in the back room at Greene Naftali 


Elegant paintings and relationships.

Magnus Andersen, 2018
Rodney McQuillan
Lynette Yiadom-Boakye.

Shara Hughes in Seed at Paul Kasmin, curated by force Yvonne Force:  Gallery Link
Theodora Allen's broken heart, very 70s in coloration and finish--
As is this Robin F. Williams painting and
strangely smeared portrait by French-born, LA-based Claire Tabouret
Here's Sarah Peters, Cecily Brown, Lisa Yuskavage

A beautiful installation moment. 
Summer Wheat
Ruby Sky Stiller, who shows at Beauchene and works with figurative structures.
Ginny Casey, 2018