Friday, January 28, 2022

Acid Garden at Charles Moffett

Mary Frank in Acid Garden, curated by artists Judy Mannarino and Peter Hristoff at Charles Moffett through 2/19/22.

Unexpected choices and pairings make this show a surprise, and delight. Here, Leigh Behnke, which in the gallery hangs left to the Frank.

Michelle Weinberg's studio landscape of carbon rubbings.

A duo of paintings by Claire McConaughy, showing new love for slinging the paint.

Claire McConaughy

Bill Komiski's optical illusion

Judith Linhares playing the spectrum with a circus pony

Valerie Hegarty

There are many more gems in this show, including by the curators  - don't miss it, on the West Side of Manhattan (511 Canal is near Greenwich St.)


Saturday, January 01, 2022


Titian at the Gardner: read all about it in Franklin Einspruch's Artfuse review.

And view it here: the miracle of alabaster bodies being carved into landscape formations...

Flinging shards of lake, crimson, orange whilst cavorting across the canvas.

In 2021 after lockdowns abated I promised myself the best exhibitions, traveling the country to catch as many as I could: Soutine/deKooning, Albert Pinkham Ryder, Titian, Joan Mitchell, and late Helen Frankenthaler, not to mention the stellar shows in New York: Cezanne drawings, Picasso's late drawings, Ruth Asawa, and others documented here (not all). 

These photos repeat, bringing you more deeply into the exhibition as you scroll. 

Happy to report this is the last post with an iPhone 6S. Finally upgraded.

Titian a master of whites with a gentle, dry brush that coaxes oyster to pearl.

The power and might of the ox, the delicate garb of the maiden and her plump body, the roiling of waves, brushed by the greatest.

A narrative emerged of encircling bodies, flinging color through the air.

With sylvan moments of escape beyond the larger human drama.

We are back with the ox-bearing maiden, noting transitions of edge as well as hue.

the contortions of the body, can they be real, and do we care?

This cycle of paintings may never be seen together again. Exult in some of the finest painting ever, and may the exhibitions bring just as much joy in 2022 as they have in 2021. Thank you to all the galleries, museums, curators, directors, artists, writers, and witnesses to such spectacular shows~