Monday, May 21, 2012

David Reed

Sharkforum Link - David Reed's Liquid Rubens in Las Vegas

A must-read.

Bushwick Sunday

Two Coats of Paint (See link) and Raggedy Ann's Foot had the same idea: a Bushwick Sunday. Raggedy Ann's Foot ventured late, after 5 PM  in time to catch Carol Salmonson and Stephen Truax's shows at STOREFRONT Bushwick (See link) and Kristin Jensen's Norte Maar exhibition (See link). 

Norte Maar hosted a salon from 4 to 6 PM, where vinyl 45s were played by an utterly devoted, high-spirited DJ,whose name I do not know. When was the last time you saw a Ricky Nelson 45, or Paul McCartney's RAM? Amazing. Here, she is seen in action, with Kristin Jensen's installation It's Nobody's Fault. Scroll down for more Jensen.

Carol Salmanson at STOREFRONT.  LED lights overtake day- and gallery light.

Salmanson, from close to- surrealist bas-relief

Salmanson: gouaches related to the LED works.

Truax: lightly penciled grids on stretched w/c paper able to hold the translucence of scraped gouache and watercolor.

Kristin Jensen, It's Nobody's Fault - sumptuous metals inside tiny, porcelain scholars rocks

An overexposed view of a portion of Jensen's tabletop installation

The texture of one of her celadon glazes
Shows missed in these series of posts: Four Paintings at Regina Rex, and in Chelsea, the Alice Neel and Yan Pei-Ming at Zwirner. Never mind everything uptown! But as the rain pours down this morning, and the light is pearly gray, I exult in having experienced an exuberant Bushwick Sunday.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Logic All Its Own

There's been lots of chat about Katherine Bradford's show at Edward Thorp for excellent reason, and I feel lucky to have seen it before it closed. Below, three images: a conflagration of paint and subject, immersed in a private logic of formation that brings to this mind, the magic of counting, marking and revisiting a canvas.

Katherine Bradford Exhibition link

Katherine Bradford: two ways to demarcate a space in parenthesis of color

Who doesn't count? Who wouldn't count their way through a painting?

One of many examples of the touch of a loaded brush doing two things at once: demarcating form, and evolving atmosphere

Heading back home down Fulton St. in Bed-Stuy: the door to Bedford Avenue Family Daycare.
Marks on a surface: not as interior as Bradford's, but the placement is a joy.

Spring on the LES

Villon, from a gorgeous show of prints at Pocket UtopiaPocket Utopia link

Is this Allison Schulnick? Downstairs at Dodge Gallery, from the very talented curator,
Janet Phelps' Twisted Sister exhibition
Link to Twisted Sister at Dodge

Julie Heffernan, Twisted Sister - an earlier work

Chantal Joffe at Twisted Sister, Dodge Gallery

Summer Wheat (I believe), Twisted Sister, Dodge Gallery

A perfect world: Judith Linhares, Twisted Sister at Dodge

Lorna Williams, a vagina dentata sculpture seen from above at an angle: Twisted Sister

Thick and Thin in Chelsea

Dana Schutz - a centerpiece painting at Petzel 

Detail, reminiscent in some ways of Malcom Morley, though smoother facture. 

Piano in the Rain - staccato beats of mark and melody.

A beautiful show curated by Barbara Takenaga at DC Moore:
l to r: Carrie Moyer, Jane South, Sarah Walker

Tom Burkhardt at DC Moore

Burkardt, closeup (paint on molded plastic)

Jutta Koether at Bortolami - the floor is gravel, in the deeper tones of the paintings

Jutta Koether at Bortolami

Koetter, detail

Chuck Webster at Ziehersmith - a little gem of a painting

Webster, side view--lots of prep with paint sliding to the finish

Lots of Dunham in this show, thick version

Chuck Webster

Jan Muller at Lori Bookstein

Jan Muller at Lori Bookstein

Jan Muller at Lori Bookstein

Muller detail - flying figures, green faces, halos, rainbows! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Back from Miami...

De La Cruz Collection Link

Miami and Beijing possess an abundance of private museum spaces.
The De La Cruz Collection, which focuses on sculpture, is truly gorgeous.

Sterling Ruby, from the fall duo with Lucio Fontana at Andrea Rosen

Sterling Ruby, stalagmite and cloth painting
He was a TA for Mike Kelley at Art Center

Thomas Houseago, rear view (Houseago lives LA, as does Ruby)

John Pylypchuck (also lives in LA)
The clock on the wall piece is shaped like a head

Beautiful, long tears

The bedraggled aesthetic, seen close to--
Reminiscent of Kelley's stuffed animal works and the 1990s discussion on abjection:
a way to integrate the more vulnerable parts of the self.

Monday, May 07, 2012

If you're in Miami, please Join Me Friday Night May 11th, 6-9

Incomplete Screen Capture, Dorsch Gallery Website

I'm excited for this show, to see Miami and reconnect with people there and to see my new paintings in the space. I'm also looking forward to exhibiting with Felecia Chizuko Carlisle and Michelle Weinberg. More and more the paintings feel like drawing, if one allows pours or flat, shaded areas to function as mark. There are drawings as well, which imagery repeats sometimes in the paintings. If you're in Miami, please come by and check it out.

Preparing for a show is a sentimental process-I've taken to holding a canvas or two back as a continuation of the process and thinking that informs this group of work. It synthesizes many ideas in the last few years: pinstriped mountains, pattern, pours and Indian as well as Chinese brush techniques. At first I thought about landscapes like above, relatively straightforward pathways through space, but I got excited about constructing space from projected marks, and soon enough there were trees, mountains, a moon, more pattern.