Sunday, August 25, 2019

Unlearning, by Debra Davis

Debra Davis is a forest ranger in the Pacific Northwest, with an MFA from University of Washington.
Read her post about trees here.
Debra Davis Blog Post

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Billie Grace Lynn: A House Divided

Dear friend Billie Grace Lynn at the Lowe Museum, U of Miami. Museum Link

It's hard in photos to convey exactly what a 26' hoodie looks like.
Or a swirling, reflective obelisk that could shear through anything standing in its way.
Perhaps check out the artist's website:Artist's Website

Surrounding the obelisk, a provisional history of the US  penciled on the walls by exhibition viewers,  then scrubbed into the paint. The history is continuously updated by visitors and pencils bearing the name of the exhibition are available for the taking.
You can enter the hoodie, and en route, will encounter a film of beautifully portrayed talking heads, images from interviews with the artist about each person's experience of race.

Wall text, snippets below:

This brilliant exhibition should not be missed. I urge you to see it if in Miami. You have until September 15th to do so.