Sunday, November 30, 2008


This image from Shapeshifter (linked above) was taken yesterday by Tyler Emerson-Dorsch, curator. The two paintings in the image are my most recent, incorporating my interest in moving from one area of a painting to another with combined applications: transparent pours, Chinese idioms and textures or gestures impacted by New York, where these were made.

Because I would miss the opening I consoled myself with a visit to Chelsea, where I saw fabulous painting and excellent photography:

Al Held at Kasmin, spatial swoops and geometric density
Trenton Doyle Hancock at Cohan, simplified and elegant religious icons
Small Abstractions at Robert Miller, history in the making
Petah Coyne at Lelong, dissolute fantasies to swoon in
Haeri Joo at Erben, young, combination of Shutz and Cecily Brown
Cora Cohen at Steinberg, elegant surfaces and beautiful edits
Jason Karalek at Audiello, splashy buoyant abstraction
Andrew Guenther at Freight & Volume, idiosyncratic reliquaries
Jessica Rohrer at PPOW, geometry in depth with quotidian features
Vincent Desiderio at Marlborough, traditional single figures most compelling
Fang Lijun at Arario, small shelf sculptures work as image and abstraction
Meredith Allen at Thorpe, sumptuous photographs of plastic, funereal and optimistic
Cindy Sherman at Metro Pictures, over the top outtakes on aging and power
Lisa Sanditz at CRG, landscapes of gesture inspired by China
Stephen Westfall at Lennon, Weinberg, new works inspired by airmail envelopes etc.
Tomma Abst at Zwirner, elegant, color saturated abstractions that play with depth
Jonas Wood at Anton Kern, collage aesthetic painting inspired by Brian Calvin
Terry Winters at Matthew Marks, mushy delicious paint atop grid structures
Joan Mitchell Sunflowers at Cheim and Reid, breathtaking fields of Monet-like strokes and dazzling color combinations
Through window (gallery closed): Karen Heagle at I-20, what looked like in the gloaming, delicious big bird forms and splashy paint

On other days but also great:
Alfred York at Spengemann, bucolic, quiet pleasures
Katia Santibanez at Danese, fierce meditations on nature that become pattern, almost white noise that in the drawings, flicker on and off

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Returning from Madrid to find the leaves have fallen

The two bottom photos were taken the day I left for Madrid, 11/05/08, a most wonderful day in the United States. The top photo was taken this morning, one week later, the early hour a result of jet lag.