Sunday, September 29, 2013

Barbara Takenaga at DC Moore

Last night at DC Moore, Barbara Takenaga and writers Jim Shepard ( and Karen Shepard ( addressed themes of alienation and apocalypse to discuss the work on view. Jim's interest in catastrophes was well summarized in a cogent, biting short story about a tsunami. Karen's new novels the Celestials, about young Chinese living in N. Adams, MA addressed the alienation aspect.
Post-talk. Many wonderful artists, including Mary Jones, Barbara Friedman, Holly Miller, Linda Gottesfeld, Susanna Coffey, Jenny Dubnau, Cynthia Lin, Jenny Lynn McNutt, Jeremy Stenger, Doreen McCarthy, Jane South, and more, attended.

Two mysterious paintings.

The layer of activity at the seam of the canvases intensifies, as if the marks could slip into a black hole but don't.

Detail of the acrylic layers

Takenaga spoke of an unknown presence 'behind' the paint applications.
Her tribute to Hiroshige's 100 Views of Edo, Kinryƻzan Temple, Asakusa (Asakusa Kinryƻzan)

A version of the actual Hiroshige (searches produce more than one)

Shifting horizon lines

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