Saturday, May 17, 2014

New York/Shanghai

Robert Mangold at Pace--circular drawing moving out of the loop, creating spatial depth

Rackstraw Downes at Betty Cunningham's Chelsea space
Loved how he handled the dark wire at top

Julian Schnabel at Gagosian - painting chosen partly for its relationship to the Sigmar Polke paintings a few posts back

Rockbund (RAM) Museum's Advance Through Retreat exhibition
Yang Jiedang's Heavenly Horse (2014)

Yangjiang Group, After Dinner Calligraphy, 2010, Photograph

Rockbund Lobby (for more information about the show, visit

Artists in the show include: Du Bianjiang, Jimmie Durham, Zarina Hashmi, Huang Pong Ping, Jiang Zhi, Li Zhenghtian, Andreas Mayer-Breenenstuhl, Qiu Zhijie, Wang Qingsong, Pablo Wendel, Xiao Kaiu, Yang Jiechang, Yangiang Group, Zheng Guogu. Monday night there is a discussion with Hou Hanru on ink painting at 7 PM--I will be there.

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