Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Painter Forms Her Language: Studio Visit with Teri Hackett

New paintings by Teri Hackett at her Dumbo studio.
I've been following their evolution on Facebook and in various shows, watching Hackett develop a painting language  that synthesizes earlier, washier water-based paintings with new concerns such as appliqued shapes and a chromatic foundation of titanium buff, yileding improvisational landscapes of the mind.
Artist's Website

These paintings challenge perspective as their changes occur in a compressed space,
the old push and pull in a totally new way.

We go back and stay forward at once. Push pull makes new sense conceptually in terms of how we think about and experience space as screened layers. Artists such as Trudy Benson approach this through the imposition of screens while Hackett overlays touch and allusion to other realities, such as water.

The dimensions of these are body sized, most 72 inches high by 48 wide. 
They are painted on wood  allowing an absorbent surface for the paint to work for and against.  Their actual materials are diatomaceous earth (see link for more info, but like pumice) Diatomaceous_earth,  flashe, acrylic and marker. 
A small painting, which also can be glimpsed above: so blunt, yet deep.

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