Sunday, November 20, 2016

In These Amorphous Times

In these amorphous times, it makes sense to look at some of the abstraction going on in the city right now, starting with the Late Walter Darby Bannard's Florida oeuvre. I've always wanted to see these paintings, made after he began tenure at the University of Miami in Coral Gables.
Gallery Link

An insouciant vocabulary of swipes, puddles and geometric shapes.

Walter Darby Bannard, a pedagogue, blog participant and fearless painter.
Jackie Lipton and Cari Rosmarin Open Studio. I met Lipton at Westbeth. She's a night painter.

Cari Rosmarin, who shows her work frequently at Westbeth. 

Rosmarin, Detail. Her paint is fearless! Landscapes and rivulaets of paint, incised with a brush end with wild spirit. Rosmarin website

Jackie Lipton, Detail of a two-panel painting. Lipton Website

Lipton's painting in full, a walk through the city at night.

Andreas Siqueland of Oslo, creating an immersive room at Regina Rex.
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Small, thick, casual paintings upon a muslin painting does, at its best, scramble the eye.

Anke Weyer at Canada. Bravura process painting.
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The German painter, born 1974, created the exhibition over the summer in a barn in upstate NY.

Weyer, Detail.

Weyer Detail.

Zao Wou-Ki, Chinese expatriate/Parisian (1920-2013) at the Asia Society.
Museum Link 
Beautiful drawings combining the calligraphic and western volumetric approaches.

Translating ink to oil

and back again

A perfectly splendid painting - a photograph can't capture its rich and varied surface.

No Photography Allowed - but this beautiful show is on at Asia Society, 68th and Park, through January 8th, 2017. A comfort in these strange times and an inspiration for travelers and cultural nomads.

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