Sunday, February 12, 2017

Miami Gallery Blast

Francie Bishop Good, print on paper thesis for the exhibition Comus at at David Castillo Gallery, Miami Beach. Gallery Link

Superimposed photographs of the artist and her mother from high school yearbooks , bridging time and memory.
Seen in person, the gap between one image and another  creates a momentary surprise. The surface integrates, however, as the digital images are printed together on canvas and then stretched on their support, so the eye reads surface coherently.

From Fabian Pena's exhibition in the gallery, a work created from eggshells. The surfaces are tactile and minute.

Castillo's 420 Lincoln Road location is elegant, a building with WPA murals much like Manhattan's 745 Fifth Avenue.

Next stop: Yann Gerstberger's hand-dyed mop tapestries at Michael Jon Alan: Gallery link 

Each strip is painstakingly affixed to a secure plastic backing, close to their source as mops

These hybrid compositions derive from Mexican and Moroccan landscapes

There's no horizon, but a sea of color and shape both textile and digital space

The website link has better images for color

But I loved the hand-pieced color, the way edges are softened by material 

A wonderful artist.
At Mindy Solomon, two shows: Michael Conrads Celebrating Opposites in the front gallery and Dominique Labauvie's Material Catch in the main. Conrads' emblematic composition (above) is consistent with smaller works on canvas and printed mylar, with crisply delineated borders to contain the colors scrubbed in.  Gallery Link

Dominique Labauvie's large steel sculpture literally draws in space. Here, a foot-dragger, or a portal - the work is open.

Wall work by Labauvie. The steel is coated in a brilliant blue pigment that turns with the edges in the work.

The patinas lend a painterly quality to the dimensional line drawing.

Despite the work's definition as a ruin or material witness, there is an ethereal, temporal quality in this work that  portrays, more than anything else, thought.

In the way a working drawing encapsulates ideas, so do these sculptural works, with equal fleetness.

Ironically, the pastel drawings have a heavier or more embodied presence than the sculptural work.

Except in the sculptures' steel cuts implications of labor and machinery are also found.
Lynn Gelfman's paintings seen through the windows of Noguchi Breton (show closed 1/28/17). Wish it had been open. Gallery Link 
Josh Reames, Texting While Driving at Bill Brady. Gallery Link

Reames also makes the traffic cones, which are surprisingly lightweight.

His is the language of conflation, sampling, arrangement.
A Flemish painting version of Trudy Benson's dropped shadow abstractions.

Preview for the next show at Brady: another Josh, Josh Sperling. Meticulous in back as well as front.
(A quick look at the site shows Brady co-owned the NY gallery ATM on 27th in a cluster with Winkleman, Eller and others some years ago. Also, like Michael Jon Alan, shows mostly if not all guys).

Ending with a peek at Sinisa Kucek's show opening that night....which you can see at

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