Monday, March 20, 2017

Disarming Geometries at Dorsky Projects

Armita Raafat's Untitled, 2016
Patterned metal, plastic and mirror

A stacked, unruly landscape from muqarnas, Islamic architectural elements, with mirror, metal and pigment. 

There is a dirty glamor to this work, that addresses geopolitics and more personal associations.

Entering the space, l to r: Maria Hupfield's draped felt, Shanti Grumbine's rescrambled and acid-washed New York Times and folded textiles from NYT delivery plastic. 
Further right, Samantha Holmes' Islamic and physics-inspired patterns cast in metal compliment and forecast works to come...
Glendalys Medina's Black Alphabet series B, from refashioned Latin letters borrowing elements from boomboxes and graffiti.  

Glenn Fischer's shiny collages of used print materials, from magazines to album covers.
Ryan Turley's Moving Blanket...

Christine Wong Yap surveyed artists in her mileu about the benefits of art practice and fashioned these maps from their responses.

Martyna Szczesna's Array I, created from LED light shadows  repeatedly until creating a pattern
The hypnotic Rothko-like video projection by Mitch Paster, capturing  digital imagery on film.

Tatiana Istomina's gridded narratives that balance passion and restraint.
Shanti Grumbine
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The exploration of geometry as a formal device to ground us and the love of quotidian material is evident throughout this exhibition, illuminating the concerns of a new generation. 

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