Thursday, July 20, 2017

Art Institute of Chicago: Greatest Hits and New Discoveries

SuZuki, Rimpa School. 1791-1858

Xugu: 1823-1896. Small works reflecting his Buddhist beliefs and interest in the tenets of literati painting.

The more commercially accepted work by Xugu.
Huang Binghong 1864-1955. Brushwork influenced by Abstract Expressionists. I keep a book of correspondence from him and a Chinese critic by my nightstand, so great to see a suite of drawings.
Beauty by Christina Ramberg (one of my grad school professors). 
Öyvind Fahlström
Matisse, Geranium, 1906
Major influence in grad school - now back again. Ingres. 
Manet's raw-footed Christ.
Manet's fish.
Harking back to Xugu, a lovely winter Monet.
Closing with Vuillard, 1918 - a commission originally, Vuillard used distemper.What IS distemper? A hot glue mixed with pigment, raising the surface and drying quickly. 

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