Sunday, June 10, 2018

Chelsea II

Mind-blowing show: Geoffrey Chadsey at Jack Shainman, 24th St. "The pentimenti evidenced in Chadsey’s transparent process of drawing multiplies the poses on top of each other, as if they are in constant state of shedding, becoming. These men are caught up in enacting the various aspirations of the hyper-American notion of being all you can be." Read more here: Gallery Link

Then to Ancestors, the Jenny Saville show at Gagosian. Press release and images here: Gallery Link

As in the Chadwick's exhibition, an interest in combining and recombining attributes,  with less surprise, breadth of identity omitting the layer of media references that anticipate the merging of human -AI.
Amy Lincoln in Sun, Moon, Stars at Morgan Lehman, ratcheting up her glowing orbs to capture the amber street lamps illuminting her neighborhood garden. Gallery Link

At Kathryn Markel Fine Art, a duo of exhibitions by Suzanne Laura Kammin and Julian Jackson, revealing Buddhist-inspired terrains that speak to ephemeral comings and goings. Gallery Link

Impossible to capture the true color of this painting--perhaps appropriately...
Julian Jackson's soft-edged, illuminated portal                                                                                                              

In a process of disegno and color, Jill Nathanson achieves a similar sense of the ephemeral in Cadence at Berry Campbell. Gallery Link

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