Monday, September 09, 2019

Dark Light at Boca Raton Museum of Art

En route to Carol Prusa's beautiful solo exhibition, I espied a Joyce Pensato painting in the Museum's ground floor selection. Prusa's opening took place on Joyce's birthday. They share a palette I associate with ink.
Carol Prusa's opening reception. Prusa greeting her admirers.

Of whom there were many.
Trained initially as a medical illustrator, married to a scientist, Prusa merges the geometric underpinnings of our universe on flat and shaped surfaces.  Check out her website here: Artist's website
Detail. Poured ink worked over with tints and silverpoint drawing. (Prusa and I curated Pour in 2013, which included Roland Flexner, whose palette and materials resonate with Prusa's).
Perfection can seem impossible these days, but Prusa consistently aims for it. She digs in, and does not quake from her love of the cosmos and a receptivity to wonder.
Through intensive labor her works achieve a visually compelling ethereality.

New to her work is a suite of etchings (each demanded fourteen passes) made with Kim Spivey.

These are named after female astronomers for their under-recognized but major achievements.

Works on panel are prepared with handmade gesso.
Detail. Through the graphite and ink drawing is video.

Context view.

Carol Prusa maintains the capacity for awe. Her most recent trip to Chile to see the Eclipse literally threw her to the ground with an overwhelming sense of nature's power. She achieves same in this show.
Here is her fantastic artist talk, a must for technical and reading tips as well as a generous sharing of the artistic process: YouTube Link of Carol Prusa lecture 9/12/19 including visuals

Congratulations my friend.

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