Saturday, November 30, 2019

Figuring the Flora at Wave Hill

Nicole Awai's landmark ooze and flower shadows cast in Figuring the Floral in Wave Hill's Glyndor Gallery through tomorrow, December 1st. The exhibition is curated by Eileen Jeng Lynch.
Hyperallergic reviewed the show and selected different works, so check it out-- Review of Exhibition along with the exhibition PDF published by Wave Hill, downloadable here: PDF Catalog of Exhibition
Nicole Awai has a fantastic solo exhibition at Lesley Heller right now on the Lower East Side. In that show, her interest in ooze, drawing, paper and material conflation exacerbates in monumental statuary and drawings,so it's lovely to see this island of flowers and people.
Valerie Hegarty's tribute to her mother's wallpaper.
Hegarty again, bringing those forms to life and inspiring new ideas...
Simonette Quamina's handsome drawing merging blooming lilies, British colonial rule in Guyana, floral symbolism, and Wave Hill's reflecting pool.
Ebony G. Patterson: hands with bouquets
Saya Woolfak's hybrid heads, from the ChimaTEK series of 2015. I believe ChimaTEK re-imagines human experience through empathic healing energy, which visually transforms the body.
The re-formed body is called an Empathic. 

Sanford Biggers, close to my heart for his use of fabric, his LA to NY trajectory, love for and interest in travel. Called Quo Vadis? (2019) Biggers associates the quilts with the Underground Railroad and Catholic legend of St. Peter redirecting his path.
Beyond the gallery you find Cecile Chong's El Dorado: The New 49ers, a public art project about immigration, transformation, and community. Chong's guagua forms reference swaddling and in this installation, bloom as flowers. 

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