Friday, January 10, 2020

La Ciudad de Mexico: COBRA at the Modern Art Museum

Where do I begin: it's free. It's gorgeous. We do not see enough of this work in the US: the Cobra Group. Here Egil Jacobsen, 1946. A combination of surrealism, expressionism, and pure, sumptuous materiality.  Museum Link 


Asger Jorn, 1961
Asger Jorn, 1962
Uh oh
Constant, 1949, free and blissful
Alechinsky: the compositional bifurcations begin
So interesting to see Alechinsky working with rice paper and ink; its overlays and differences with Asian ink painters.
Pierre Alechinsky: paint tossed, flung, marked, loose
Piere Alechinsky's framing devices--such fecund and glossy paintings
Corneille, 1962-the palette!
Karl Appel birds, 1958
Karl Appel
Karl Henning-Pedersen, 1948. What a find! I love the touch, the texture, the mid-tone values of these works.
A gorgeous painting by Jacques Doucet, 1964
Zoltan Kemeny, 1949 - such rich texture, layers, much like the landscape in Mexico City.
Where the work went a decade later: 1959
Karel Appel, 1951. The images are so beautiful in real life, how I wish I could convey the glossy, thick paint, the color, the balance.
Late Constant

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