Saturday, October 19, 2013

Studio Visit, August 2013: Charles Koegel

Charles Koegel's studio, on the other side of Atlantic Ave, which I visited in August. We first met at the Fountainhead Residency in Miami, where he was finishing up. He had a show at Dimensions Variable, which I loved. I was particularly taken with his drawings of apartment buildings with geometric, domed skies. Here is a small fire escape he built.

Patterns Charles uses in his work. He is rigorous, often taking classes to build skill sets needed for particular bodies of work.

My favorite painting: geometry meets Japanese painting.

These paintings recall the Miami drawings, but are more physical,

combining oil and acrylic in a layered application.


and decay.

Paper tapestry.

Slight color changes.

Paper apartments.

Wall above tapestry.

Charles' work is featured in Earthward, opening Thursday 10/24 at 538 29th St.
Earthward link
This exhibition is curated by David Gibson and includes two paintings of mine with works by Sandy Litchfield, Charles Koegel, Thomas Frontini and Alysha Colangeli.

He photographs his travels around the city and beyond.

Charles Koegel in his Brooklyn studio.

His hallway entrance contains an art collection.

It includes Bellmer.

and Koons.

Not sure--but I liked it.

Again not sure, but loved it.


A work from Pierogi on the bottom.

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