Monday, May 05, 2014

Spring Nature, Chelsea Style

Fred Tomaselli, Detail of new panel painting at James Cohan

The full image

Still working with aggregation, without the psychedelia of yore

The commentary focuses on the increasingly synthetic natural landscape

A curious transition, not without precedent in the previous work.

Michele Basora at Gitana Rosa, playing soft, bleeding watercolors against hard ink line.

Early modernism, decorative pattern and aggregation of marks in works on paper or on panel.

Gallery view

One of my favorites, a tea party

Eric Den Breejen at Freight + Volume (from Liza--scroll to bottom for full image)

Strange and beautiful color mixes with meditative application generates portraits from each artist's lyrics, essays and performances.


Marilla Palmer at Katherine Markel combining paint and natural forms

Sometimes in the round

Other times on paper, as in this lovely work

Den Breejen's Liza, where white is used as color to great surprise

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